Wednesday, November 5, 2008


(see variation for Southwestern Egg Rolls)
from my own brain

1 pkg egg roll wraps (I like the Nasoya or Melissa's brand, they work best. Don't use Azumaya, they are really chewy and thick. The other brands have a little cornstarch on them and they work better.)
1 lb hamburger, cooked and drained, and cooled
Taco Seasoning to taste
1 pkg Spanish Rice (I use the Lipton/Knorr packets -they're around $1 or less), works best cold
1/2 can of refried beans (regular or black) -use as much or little as you like
grated cheese
Ranch or Guacamole or green chile enchilada sauce (also good mixed with the ranch)

Put wraps on a plate. Mix taco seasoning to taste into the hamburger. Add as much refried beans as you want to hamburger. Mix it together until mixed well and sticks together.

Get your assembly line ready. Put some water in a small bowl. You will use it to seal the roll as you roll it up. Have a plate to make the roll on. One to put the rolled roll on and another to put the cooked roll on. I also keep a dry washcloth or paper towel on hand to dry off my assembly plate after I am done with the water. Place small scoop of rice, then small scoop of hamburger/bean mixture, and grated cheese. (It works best if all ingredients are cold. If you use the rice hot, it makes the wrap tear easier. I make the rice earlier in the day and then put it in the fridge.)With fingertips, dab small amount water around filling to the edges of wrap. This helps seal the roll. Starting at the bottom corner, roll up over filling. Continue to wet the wrap with your fingertips. Fold sides in and then top, like an envelope, while continuing to dip fingertips in water on the wrap to seal the roll. See picture below. I know it isn't clear. This is more for illustration than for readingPlace roll in hot fry daddy. I do the heat around 350-375. Just make sure it is good and hot before you plop one in. I don't use the basket because the rolls stick to it. Cook until light golden brown. I can usually do around 3 or 4 at a time -it will depend on how big your fry daddy is. I use the fry daddy slotted spoon thing to remove them when they're done.Here is the finished product. There are quite a few wraps in a package. This recipe usually makes around 16-18 rolls.Cut in half and serve with Ranch, guacamole, or mix them together for a great dip!

For appetizers, cut each egg roll diagonally and place on a plate. Have guacamole ranch, ranch, and green chile enchilada sauce for the dips.

Note: These rolls are easy to make and so yummy. I'm sure they're full of calories. We don't make them a lot, but there are times you've just got to enjoy your food. They are one of Brinlee's very favorite dinners. They take a little bit of time to figure out how to roll the wraps well. But if you use the water on your fingertips to keep sealing it, they should stay together okay.

Variation: I use these rolls for southwestern egg rolls, too. I use chopped, grilled, & seasoned chicken, tostitos southwestern dip, little black beans, corn, chopped cooked spinach, and cheese. Mix up all of this together so that it is thick but not too juicy or too try. It also works best if it is chilled. Spoon it onto egg roll wrap and then roll up like normal. Dip in guacamole ranch dip.

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oooh yum...these sound so good! and fatty! i can't wait to try them...