Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mock Lasagna

from my own brain

1 lb hamburger
1 jar spaghetti sauce
sliced olives
sliced mushrooms
cottage cheese
parmesan cheese
shredded cheese
mini lasagna noodles (or egg noodles or medium shells)

Cook hamburger with dried minced onions. Drain grease. Mix with spaghetti sauce. Cook noodles to desired tenderness.

Set all toppings on the table. We usually start with the noodles on the bottom and then pile on our desired toppings in the order we want. This is similar to the taco salad style of dishing up, but it is with lasagna toppings instead. This is a fun and really easy dinner. And if I am feeling especially lazy, I won't even do the hamburger and we'll just use the sauce plain. But it is good with hamburger or even ground sausage.

***Lo-Fat Tip: Use ground turkey. Add in cooked, sliced zucchini or squash in the sauce. Use whole grain noodles.

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