Monday, May 18, 2009

Basic Yogurt

from handout at a church function
--a recipe to help you use your powdered milk in your food storage

3 cups water (100 degrees)
1/4 cup plain cultured yogurt (from the store --this is to help get your homemade yogurt started)
2 Tbsp unflavored Knox gelatin
1 cup non-instant powdered milk (if using instant use 2 cups)
(if not using Knox gelatin, use 1 1/2 cups powdered milk)

Pour warm water into blender and turn on low speed; add powdered milk slowly. Blend until smooth. Add yogurt starter and blend a few more seconds. (This whole process can also be done by hand, but be sure to beat out all the lumps). Pour into jars or glasses. Place jars neck-deep in warm water (100 degrees) in a pan. Cover pan with lid. Set on yogurt maker or any place a temperature of 100-120 degrees can be maintained for 3 to 4 hours. Check at the end of three hours to see if mixture has set up. If not set up, check each 20 minutes until set. (If not set up in 4 hours, you will probably have a failure). Chill immediately when set up. Keeps in refrigerator 1 week.

Note: If the yogurt starter is room temperature or warm before starting, the yogurt will take lass time than if it is started cold.

Before refrigeration, stir in fruit, honey, jam, or other flavoring. Yogurt will thin as it is stirred but it will firm with refrigeration. Add sugar after it has set up and after you have take out 1/4 cup starter for your next batch. You will only need to use store bought yogurt every 4th batch.

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